About Us


The Dream Action Coalition (DRM) seeks to establish local, state, and federal policies that secure fairness for the diverse immigrant community without discrimination based on immigration status or national origin.


It is the mission of the Dream Action Coalition (DRM) to advocate for just immigration policies by confronting decision-makers and empowering and educating our immigrant communities and allies across the country. We seek to change policies that affect the lives of immigrant families using our understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and political process; combining traditional and social media technology with advocacy for rapid response communications; building partnerships that enable us to mobilize across the country; building leadership in local communities; promoting civic engagement and bring awareness to the American public by telling the stories of our community.

Carlos Vargas

Carlos Vargas has been behind Dream Action Coalition's creative media direction, working behind the scenes and pushing for immigrant rights and DACA since 2011. After obtaining DACA in 2012, he has been organizing and working to empower the immigrant community across the US. He currently assists undocumented youth apply for DACA and helps parents prepare for DAPA. As part of his work, Carlos pushes for day laborer rights and fights against wage theft. In 2013, he attended a DREAMer hackathon organized by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and other silicone tech giants, where his team's project won best story telling award. This year Carlos Vargas was named one of the most influential Latinos under 40, and will be pursuing a career in immigration law.

Hina Naveed

Hina, a Dreamer from Pakistan, has been a remarkable advocate on Staten Island and is the co-founder of the Staten Island Dream Coalition in New York. As a DACA-Recipient, she understands the struggles faced by immigrant families across the nation. She has been a fierce advocate for immigrant rights: fearlessly lobbying elected officials, participating in rallies in DC and New York and empowering youth through trainings and coalition-building to take ownership of their stories and be effective organizers.

Ryan Campbell
Communications Director

Ryan Campbell began his immigration advocacy work in law school, pushing for the DREAM Act during the Lame Duck session of 2012. He since Co-Founded Dream Action Coalition, travelled extensively on the 2012 campaign trail to push for immigrant rights and continues to serve as a Policy Anlyst and Communications Director.

Erick Garcia
Technology Director

Erick is responsible from maintaining the DREAM Action’s digital assets, implementing new technologies, develop microsites; coordinate the use of technology to connect DREAM Action with the community. He is in charge of moving the DREAM Action Coalition forward in this fast pace tech environment to fulfill the needs of our movement.

Angel Fernandez
Chief Blogger

Angel has worked on various community building and political projects, such as his internship with the 2014 Peñalosa for Arizona campaign in Phoenix. He has been active on social media and news outlets, confronting President Obama at his 4 speech in Las Vegas in 2014 for excluding the parents of Dreamers in his DAPA program. He aims to aid DRM on millennial affairs and youth engagement, and share his perspective with the community.