About Us

For nearly a decade, undocumented youth have been at the forefront of legislative and electoral battles on immigration. Through this struggle, the DREAM Action Coalition (DRM) was created to become a focused political and lobbying voice in our movement. Our intimate understanding of the legislative and political process extends beyond just a job because our experience emanates from passion and conviction.

Today, DRM is unmatched in its strength in combining cutting edge media technology with political and electoral advocacy. From state capitols to Washington D.C., DRM has shaped politics and policy for the well-being of the immigrant and Latino communities.

We understand that every city council race, presidential election, statute, amendment, regulation, or case has the potential to affect our communities. Our overriding goals are two fold: 1) advocate to create boiling pressure in Congress to pass legislation, such as the Dream Act, that affect the lives of undocumented youth; and 2) intercept into electoral races to support candidates that will truly stand up for their communities and hold accountable those advocating against our communities.


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