Another political stunt

by Carlos Vargas | March 18, 2016

New York, NY – The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a resolution in opposition to the President’s Deferred Action for Parental Arrivals (DAPA). The Dream Action Coalition has issue the following response:

“We are deeply disappointed to see that this is the state of the House,” said Carlos Vargas, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition. “It is, however, really just one act that is an accurate reflection of today’s political context: a symbolic bill that will not offer a solution to any of the problems we currently face, but will get a bit of air time.”

“It’s another political stunt,” said Hina Naveed, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition. “It matches the rhetoric we have been seeing from presidential candidates and, in a sad way, fits in with where the majority of Republicans are: between stunts like this and a campaign that reads like a tabloid, it really seems like nobody can grab the wheel in the GOP.”