Overpolicing in the Latino Community

From Joe Arpaio’s posse turning over every rock they can to root out undocumented Latino immigrants, to those being sent to the abysmal conditions of immigrant prisons to those finally being deported, perceptions in law enforcement are driving Latinos into this part of the law enforcement system ...

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Immigrant Women, Native American Women and Rape

While Native Americans are living in what is essentially a sexual assault no man’s land, immigrant women who have the law on their side are often too afraid to come forward and report assault — or they are being assaulted by the very people tasked to look over them. ...

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Latinos vs. Democrats

"What would Rep. Pelosi say to comfort a mother whose children will be put in foster care after she is deported between now and elections," asked Erika Andiola, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition, who recently organized a civil disobedience with undocumented mothers outside of the Democrat National Headquarters. ...

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