“Hecklers,” Families and Obama’s Immigration Action

“While we’re glad for those who will be included, we are concerned that the odds for deportation will go up for others as Obama spoke about increasing some aspects of immigration enforcement. For families like mine, this means that some of us have reason to celebrate, while their siblings, cousins or children may not,” said Erika Andiola, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition. ...

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Executive Orders & Immigration Politics

The news for the immigrant rights community is a bit mixed. On the one hand, we’re pretty stoked that millions of members of this community will now be able to more fully participate in society without having to worry about being detained in one of the GEO Groups for-profit hellhole prisons for years before they even get a hearing. On the other, however, it also left out millions who will face more enforcem ...

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Ten Things that Led to the Executive Order

The events that pushed the Administration to issuing an executive order was pushed by hundreds if not thousands of factors, from small demonstrations and mentions to large scale protests, to giant failures like the Gang of 8 and to political careers with immigration rhetoric as a main pillar. Here's ten. ...

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