The DREAMer Campaign Trail, Part 1

Monday we flew in from Oakland to New York, then drove to Boston and back. Wednesday we flew to Arizona, then drove 5 people to Los Angeles.  Thursday, we drove to Las Vegas.  Friday, it was Vegas back to Arizona in the car again.  Saturday morning was the lightest day so far, with us waking up at 6am after 5 hours of sleep, the most we’ve had all week, to a 4 hour drive, the least we’ve travelled.  Monday ...

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Dec 22 – Newsletter

Democrat Leadership & Groups Proposed DREAM On Dec. 6, a meeting was convened by Sen. Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Durbin (D-IL) to discuss a Republican legislative proposal. The senators similarly discussed bringing up DREAM Act up for a vote. DRM, including other immigrant advocates, fiercely opposed such a action because it would amount to a symbolic vote advanced only for political gain. Indeed, accordin ...

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