Dreamers Launch “LatinX Millennials For Bernie” to Mobilize for the Political Revolution

by Carlos Vargas | February 17, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV – DREAMers and young Latino volunteers from across the nation will join efforts with the grassroots efforts of FeelTheBern.org and will travel to Nevada on Thursday to launch the “LatinX Millennials for Bernie” committee before the caucus. They will join local leaders as they go from door to door in Nevada’s Latino neighborhoods in an effort to turn out Latino voters for Bernie Sanders.

You can find the full list of the committee members here.

“I support Bernie Sanders because I know he will fight for our moms and dads, for all races, for all creeds. Undoubtedly, he will fight for a comprehensive immigration reform that will keep families together and eliminate private prisons that profit from the suffering of our families,” says Alan Aleman, DREAMer and community leader from Las Vegas.

“Most public servants today no longer serve the needs of the people, rather cater to corporate interests. This compassionate grassroots movement is about putting the needs of everyday people first, and through these advancements, better our community, our country, and the world,” says José Manuel Santoyo, a DREAMer from Dallas, Texas.

Like other millennials, DREAMers are joining the political revolution because they believe that keeping all families together, being able to attain a higher education regardless of our income, and having access health care for all are human rights, not privileges, and — most importantly so — not radical ideas.

“I am happy to support a candidate who will work towards fixing the broken systems such as education, healthcare, mass incarcerations, and immigration,” stated Kassandra Alvarez from Arizona.

This committee firmly believes that the key difference between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is that his platforms are not driven by corporate insiders or the results off the latest polls but rather they are inspired by real people, real families.

You can find the full list of the committee members here.