GOP Has Terrible Lack of Response to Trump

by Carlos Vargas | December 10, 2015

New York, NY – In response to Donald Trump’s calling for the United States to bar all Muslims from entering the country co-Directors of the Dream Action Coalition, Hina Naveed and Carlos Vargas, issued the following statement:

“To say that we completely repudiate Trump’s latest policy would be an understatement,” said Hina Naveed, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition. “As a Muslim immigrant to this country I see firsthand the contributions we make, and how damaging rhetoric like Trump’s is: it alienates people we need to fight the war on terror, to serve in our military and to serve in many different aspects of our society in day to day life.”

“It is disappointing that Trump has gone so far outside the mainstream on this issue, but it is equally disappointing that other candidates and media are not going further in condemning him,” said Carlos Vargas, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition. “Candidates like Ted Cruz are outright refusing to do so, and news outlets like Fox News are doing the same: they don’t want to outright say that they support him, but seem too afraid of alienating him into a third party run to make bold statements against him like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, did. We hope to see more, both out of the future frontrunner of the GOP, as well as from the rest of the party.”