Obama: Holidays are to keep families together, not raid homes

by Carlos Vargas | December 24, 2015

New York, NY – News leaked that the Department of Homeland Security is planing on directing immigration agents to conduct large-scale raids to deport children and families from Central America. The Dream Action Coalition issued the following statement:

This Christmas, many families will be gathering together to appreciate their bonds during a time of the year where family comes first. Others, however, will be busy breaking those bonds while they think nobody is looking, deporting refugees back to desperate situations as immigration enforcement raids on border children intensifies. “These are children who have seen some of the worst conditions in the world, at high risk of being trafficked and killed. When Jesus, an immigrant, said ‘suffer the children to come unto me,’ he didn’t say ‘except the Latino kids, let the gangs eat them’” said Carlos Vargas, Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition.