Our Work


1.LOBBYING FOR THE FEDERAL DREAM ACT: DRM’s legislative and administrative lobbying campaign ensures a proactive and enduring presence in our nation’s capital. Our work will aim to create pressure in Congress to take on the DREAM Act while monitoring the White House takes action to protect immigrant youth through executive channels.


2.ELECTORAL CAMPAIGNS: DRM’s efforts have extended beyond lobbying, jumping into electoral campaigns to ensure committed candidates are supported and anti-immigrant candidates are defeated. During this past contentious election where Latino and immigrant rights were attacked from the right, DRM launched the ambitious Veto Romney and DREAM Killer campaigns. Both national campaigns organized a marching political army that exposed the extreme anti-immigrant positions of candidates. Our efforts contributed to the defeat of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Senate candidates like Linda McMahon (CT), Scott Brown (MA), Connie Mack (FL), George Allen (VA). DRM will continue to ensure a political presence in every special, midterm, and general elections to ensure candidates know they serve their communities.


3.STATE DREAM ACTS: DRM is working with organizations from across the country in an ambitious effort to fight for state DREAM Acts, including NY Dream legislation. With the failure of the Federal government to take action, DRM is partnering up with local state dream organizations to advance legislation that will open public financial aid to undocumented students.


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