Perry Out. Who will have guts to take on Trump?

by Carlos Vargas | August 6, 2015

CLEVELAND, OH – The awaited first GOP presidential debate is finally here and Donald Trump is ahead by a comfortable margin. The Dream Action Coalition issued the following statement:

“Undoubtedly, Trump will continue attacks on Latinos and immigrants to stay on top of polling. Rick Perry was one of the few to call out Trump, saying Trump was scapegoating ‘Mexican-Americans for political sport.’ The most important question tonight is will “Latino friendly” candidates, like Bush or Rubio, stand up to Trump, or will they ignore the insults just to stay on safe ground with the GOP base. We expect other candidates to present real solutions for our broken immigration system and act like statesmen worthy of the Presidency. Currently, the ‘clown car primary’ is earning it’s name, with Trump playing the role of the Carny Barker,” said Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of the Dream Action Coalition.

“It is a fact that Mitt ‘self deportation’ Romney lost because he lacked Latino support, so it is time for Presidential hopefuls to lighten what has become some very hard-line stances. So far the GOP has absolutely nothing to offer to the Latino and immigrant electorate. The only bills from the GOP to be considered have been to try to defund DACA, while they are keeping DAPA held up in the courts: when you ask what have they done as a party besides try to lighten the inflammatory rhetoric of some of their own members, the answer is absolutely nothing,” said Erika Andiola, Co-Director of the Dream Action Coalition.